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Each and every golf cart is built with pride and attention to detail. You choose the modifications, including but not limited to paint schemes, tire and wheels combos, seat styles, lighting style and just about anything else you can dream of or possibly need to make your job or leisure more pleasurable.

We are networked with wholesalers and distributors throughout the U.S. to offer you an extensive range of products to meet all of your needs and at a price that is guaranteed to fit your budget. And, we will personally deliver your golf cart, on-time and on-budget.

At JJ’s Golf Carts we specialize in the sale of stock and customized golf carts, and utility vehicles of all types. We provide great service at an excellent price.

We sell golf carts, utility vehicles and specialty cars to customers throughout California. We have a large number of satisfied customers.

Custom Carts

Visit us and see our wide inventory of accessories, call us now and we will build a cart that fit your lifestyle.

Our Custom Carts

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